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The following section contains downloadable items which may be of interest.

Functional Activities for Younger & Older Students 2014
Brochure’s and Order Forms
Lesson Plan Samples
Pics For PECS Samples
PECS & CCS Objectives 2013
PECS Myths and Misconceptions 2010
To PECS or not to PECS
The Unusual Suspects (2012)
PECS: A Short Tutorial for Healthcare Professionals
Preference Assessment 2013
PECS to SGD-Guidelines & Recommendations
Flow Chart: Is this Person a Candidate for PECS?
3D Pyramid Cut & Fold
Flow Chart: Is your Learner Ready to Transition from PECS to SGD?
A Day in the Life: Practical Application of the Pyramid Approach to Education, Chapter 12 from The Pyramid Approach to Education: A Guide to Functional ABA, 2nd Edition
PECS in your Curriculum -Extra Lesson Ideas.

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